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The First 100 Day Business
Survival Guide


  • Learn to hit the ground running
  • Get quick wins when you’re a new manager or owner
  • Approved for Veterans and Non-Profits
  • English and Spanish
  • Learn while practicing with YOUnion
Make More Money
10 Steps to Digital Success


  • Learn the digital business skills you need now
  • Easy to follow video instruction
  • Approved for veterans and nonprofits
  • English and Spanish
  • Get a digital business when you complete the course
  • Creates tech jobs and solutions for rural America
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YOUnion Small Business
Certification Course


  • Taught by top experts in business and digital
  • Cash flow and financial management
  • Best practices in customer service
  • Grow your business through operational excellence
  • Taxation planning and minimization
  • Creates local tech job opportunities
  • Teaches the digital business skills you need today

What is YOUnion education?

We created this free education course to show you how you can make more money with a digital solution that services and supports small local businesses. YOUnion education is for everyone, from the big cities to rural America, where we are helping create more tech jobs by teaching entry level digital and business skills.

How this course teaches you to Make More Money?

10 Steps to Digital Success helps you learn to use YOUnion software to know your best customers, offer the right promotions to the right customers and easily communicate with them. We teach you to use our digital tools to manage your cashflow and tax liabilities so you can plan and grow your business. By using a platform that helps you sell with no monthly fees, you lower your total cost of operation, keep more money in your pocket and create more jobs and opportunity in local communities.

Take this course to super charge your Digital Business

This is the only business education system that teaches you how to make more money with an easy to use digital platform. We teach you to start and run your own business with all the digital capabilities of all those big corporations you don’t want to work for. And you get a great app to run your business when you’re done and the skills to succeed.

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What is the 10 Steps to Digital Success?

This course is the only free education that comes with a no monthly cost digital system to run your local business. We are going to show you how to start your own online store, keep track of your best customers, run promotions to create loyalty, understand your sales tax, keep track of your cashflow, plan and grow your digital business, and positively impact your community through charity contributions. All with the Younion system and all at no cost to you.

A loyal local customer is like a fine timepiece. Some of your best local customers are probably so regular that you could set your watch by them. That predictability can help you operate better. I will show you how to use that predictability to make more money.

Dr. Ajamu Loving - PhD

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible to do business with YOUnion?

Individuals who have majority ownership in a business that delivers goods or services locally that has a bank account and desire a digital presence can all be members YOUnion

How long does it take to finish this course?

This course is designed to be finished in about 45 minutes (including answers to quiz questions)