Confirmation for Bundle Courses

[bundle_prepaid_code]Pre-Paid Code: %prepaid_code%[/bundle_prepaid_code]

You have successfully purchased the YOUnion + YOUnion bundle. You may now take the YOUnion course on this website; however, you must take the YOUnion course through a different website, American Course Academy YOUnion. Here’s what you do:

  • Go to American Course Academy YOUnion;
  • Enroll in the YOUnion course (not the bundle);
  • Enter your information;
  • When you reach the payment page, choose “Pre-Paid Code” and enter the code above. The code was also emailed to you.

American Course Academy YOUnion and American Course Academy YOUnion are separate business entities approved by two different state agencies to provide their respective online courses. Your credit/debit card will incur separate charges from each company that equal the total advertised bundle price.