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YOUnion’s 10 Steps to Digital Success is focused on what you need to succeed today – a digital strategy that doesn’t require any risk, taking money out of your pocket or struggling with technology. By completing this quick and easy course, you will be able to start a business in minutes at no cost anywhere, find it easier to access money and financing as a data-driven business and better serve your existing customers with integrated CRM and loyalty rewards.

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Dr. Ajamu Loving
Executive Director of YOUnion Education

Dr. Loving serves as the Executive Director of Education for the YOUnion. He is responsible for curriculum design delivery and presentation for the the YOUnion education platform. Dr. Loving also serves as Assistant Professor of Finance at The University of North Texas at Dallas. He is responsible for teaching finance courses in the fields of Investments, Personal Financial Planning, Financial Liquidity, and Financial Markets and Institutions.

Dr. Loving earned his PhD in Personal Financial planning from Texas Tech University and a BA in Economics cum laude from Morehouse College.